Monday, August 29, 2016

William Myrl; Letters to No One (63)

Dear No One,

Work was weird today. I spent most of it daydreaming, which is normal, but we also did an SOV. This is when the guys pick an item code and I get to time all the processes for the actual tailoring. We did a non insulated officer coverall, very involved by the standard of our work area, a lot of operations. Normally, SOVs are done without any timings, we just fiddle with the numbers from the previous paperwork. However, none of these coveralls had been done before, so I had the pleasure of watching two pair being made. Clerkin' it up.

Funny story, the asatru people and the white folks gang don't always get along, and their respective leaders got into a lil fisticuffs not long ago. When I say white folks gang, mind you, I mean these fellas who aren't technically affiliated with any official chapter of the white folks gang but who pretend that they are anyway. So they fought in the cell and one side was embarrassed. A member of the embarrassed side went and talked to a lieutenant (of the prison, not the faux gang) about what had happened. The two leaders got a call into the principals office, and were told they wouldn't have to go to detention if they kept the peace between their respective groups. Also, they were told the third guy was not to be touched, and if he was, they would pay for it. So that's why it's believed the third guy tattled on his own imaginary family. Awkward. 

A week or three passes, and the third guy is missing from the shop. He hit someone in the head with a lock; we can buy them to secure our property boxes. They're not really hefty, but they're hard, and they can crack a skull. So some other guy gets a trip to the hospital, and the third guy is shipped off the compound. The place quiets down again, not that it was ever deafening, and a thing that didn't have to be a thing fades into the past.This isn't a violent prison, as these things go, but it has its moments.


William Myrl

Letters to No One

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