Tuesday, August 9, 2016

William Myrl; Letters to No One (61)

Dear No One,

Totemo tired, don't want to sleep. I have the complete rules of magic the gathering, its two hundred pages fit into twenty five pieces of paper thanks to my genius family. Its amazing how precise it is, legislative in its verbosity, I enjoy that sort of thing. There are still disputes, because of hearsay and card text hermenuetics, but it makes me feel good to have it. I want to make my own card game one day, built top down, so that it doesn't end up being so unwieldy. The mechanics of games are often more interesting to me than the act of playing them.

At work, I have been cutting up pants. Today, there was a blue bin full. There isn't a way to convert that into a standard unit of measurement, it ended up being six or seven trash bags of shredded clothing. Little me and my scissors, ruining what the shop has made. That's the end of the assembly line, a young man disposing of the product. Because of the logistics of cutting large numbers of patterns, the production line ends up with extra panels almost every day. Rather than counting, they make everything that's laid on the rack. When the pants, jumpers, what have you, reach the shipping table, the extras are separated out and brought to the clerks. We put them in drawers, they have built up for years. The idea being that the extras can be added to future orders, and thus not wasted. In practice, they sit in the drawers so long that we stop using the fabrics they were made from. 

Lately, we've been cleaning house, and it falls to the Jr clerk to do the grunt work. The scissors have chafed a bit of skin off of my fingers, so I started wearing a glove to give my hand some padding. We took advantage of the plant manager being out this week, he approves of cleaning out the attic, but he doesn't have the heart to see all those worthless scrubs destroyed. He will pick out sets for us to put back into storage if given the chance. 

The clothing, and the labor necessary to manufacture it, are both basically worthless. So this isn't as crazy as it seems. The plant isn't supposed to hold onto that many officer pants anyway, pretend security risk. There was a farrago some years back revolving around a couple of missing zippers. Now they all have to be signed for at evey step along the line. We have more bureaucracy than you'd think, just not in the matter of keeping track of extras.

I'm on a new drug, they took away welbutrin because too many people were abusing it. I'm not sure what I'm talking, the psychiatrist told me, but that kind of detail doesnt stick easily. Knowog the name doesn't change what I'm taking. I'm having my first ever psychotropic side effects. This morning, about an hour after taking it, I started experiencing queasiness, which persisted periodically throughout the day. Yawned a lot, and felt weird. Not good weird. Its only day one, so I'm going go give it a couple of weeks to see if symptoms persist or worsen. Hopefully, they will subside as my body adjusts to the new chemical intake. Its an antidepressant, Effexor? I don't know, the lithium has never given me any issues, I was due.

William Myrl

Letters to No One 61

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