Thursday, February 25, 2016

William Myrl; Letters to No One (38)

I don't strongly associate with the word bipolar. Its the term they use now, but it isn't a realistic descriptor of an emotional spectrum. Manic depression is not diametric, there isn't a thermometer that runs from sparkle to fuliginous that you can read my mood on. If it has to be a two dimensional geometric concept I would choose a circle, but those don't really have poles. Thanks a lot, king Arthur,
I lead a strange life. They fired someone at work today, they have been getting meaner about people not looking busy lately. I think that the bosses honestly aren't capable of internalizing the context. They entertain the pretext that this is a real job, a two real factory, instead of a place where inmates make clothing for other inmates and receive slave wages in return. Though I should say, best slave wages on the compound. For sure. In an actually company, payroll is a big section of the budget. Riding the clock can be a serious issue. Here, the three people in the office individually make as much money as the seventy workers combined salaries. I've seen last years budget, and payroll was a laughable fraction of it, The shop did 1.2 million in business, and had a payroll outlay of sixty some thousand. We could all stay clocked in over the weekend and it wouldn't make a difference. I'm not mad at them, I just want to make note of the absurdity,
I got a response back from the education secretary about the impending college class. Details will be posted in the pods when they are finalized. Not really helpful, but at least its confirmation that it is happening. I'm daydreaming about it while I fold pants and clip excess strings from bar-tacks and hems.
I'm actually in a relatively good place now. I'm busy, and I don't have any serious problems with my celly even though we'all never be true friends. Its odd, the things we don't have juxtaposed with the things we do. I'm thumb typing on a touchscreen right now, listening to drunken love, but I don't have a room to myself, or a non plastic chair, or tape of any kind. If you want tape here you have to steal it. It makes some art projects difficult, at you can get lucky and peel strips of scotch off of your mail when they give it to you. It all gets fondled, remember, and then they staple or tape the envelope shut again. Sometimes both, for whatever reason,
Now its Adele, someone like you.
What does manic depression mean to me? It means eating your mermaid, and not having her too.

William Myrl Smitherman 

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