Thursday, February 25, 2016

William Myrl; Letters to No One (40)

Dear No One,
Remember Mean Girls? It was that brief , bright moment before Lindsey Lohan plummeted into fiery obscurity. Anyway, I am reminded of it by the behavior of some of my prison friends. Social dynamics are weird sometimes, and three of them have banded together against the fourth. They belittle him, threaten and occasionally cheat him, for reasons that are mostly imaginary. When I see them, they commiserate about his alleged douchery, talking about them behind their backs, "stirring shit." In truth, he looms much larger in their minds than they do in his, they spread rumors about him, and discuss him in a derogatory fashion, on an almost daily basis. He does talk about them to others, generally when they have just done something unfair to him. As would anyone. One of my favor tire phrases is, "why was my name in his mouth," because it is inevitably followed by shit talk about said person who had ones name in his mouth.
The victim is Mao, I can't remember if I've referred to him by that name before. He is legitimately annoying. He has a stale smell, due to his aversion to deodorant, and he has the bad habit of explaining things you already know in as protracted a fashion as possible. Mao can also be a flake. He has great artistic talent and sporadic motivation. His straightforward manner and pacifism are to the good, however, and he laughs often and with sincerity. I have known him peripherally for several years, and never felt animosity towards him. 
These other three feed hate to each other. They are my friends, I like them and enjoy their company, but for some reason Mao has become their scapegoat of all ills. The incidents, in and of themselves, are childish and uninteresting squabbles. Its very high school. If he has something they want, they resent him for it. Arguments usually start over games, because that is their common ground. Things escalate in a confusing fashion that clearly has nothing to do with the problems at hand.
I wish I knew what you wanted to hear about. I ramble on an on and seem to end in nowhere. If you have any topic ideas tell me.
I put in my application for the Washington and Lee University class this year. If I don't get in it is because of affirmative action. No kidding. The tailor shop has a ratio, the classes do as well.
William Myrl

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