Thursday, October 15, 2015

William Myrl; Letters to No One (29)

Dear No One,

All the signs say I will have my player replaced this week. I have been putting off writing you because of the expectation of its arrival. Now I see the folly of my ways.

It's Columbus Day. Is that still a real holiday in your world? Does the post office still close for national rape a native american day? Do schoolchildren put on ridiculous paper hats and sing of oceans blue? Here, the shop is closed, so I will have a three day week. The mail will not run. They shut that down for any possible excuse, including General Lee day, which exists only in Virginia. Property isn't running, so one more day to wait for my music machine…

I finally pushed over my hump in M4. It always happens the same way, the writing gets hard between fifty and one hundred pages in. I don't enjoy it. It doesn't happen. There are the two and three page days; the ones. Last month I wrote less than seventy pages of fiction. This month I have higher hopes. Over the beginning book bump, we can do our five pages in under two hours and keep the days moving happily along.

I am so annoyed with Jark. A friend of his has a friend who works in publishing as a Junior Junior Junior Editor or something along those lines. She reads manuscripts that have gotten passed the query stage. His friend gave her the prologue of his book, and apparently, she enjoyed it. He is dilly-dallying about typing up the rest. It has been a month and he hasn't started. I understand the overwhelming seeming nature of the undertaking, I've been there. But I don't understand not doing it anyway. He's hit that place where he's decided he'll get to it eventually. That is not a good spot to visit. There is no guarantee that this Jr Jr Jr will like his book, or if she does, that she will be able to convince anyone else to like it. If it was my opportunity, the biggest difficulty would be typing with my hands shaking so much. (From adrenaline, not from palsy or toxic lithium levels. I did experience a couple of minor tremors when I first started taking it, no more though.) I told him about black swans, and about PCs and NPCs, but he refused to read Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality; there is no helping some people. I will keep badgering though.
Running out of time again. The next letter shouldn't have a limit on it.

William Myrl(29)

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